Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 more End Time Dreams - Prophetic? War, Earthquake, Attack

I had 2 more dreams that felt prophetic.  The first was very short and fast paced.  Here it is:

We (my family and lots of others) were all sitting outside, just waiting for something.  I knew that there had been an earthquake and I knew we were all waiting on news about the big earthquake.  Like maybe we were waiting for them to tell us it was safe to go back inside or something.

But, while we were all focused on the earthquake and talking about that, we saw what looked like a parade coming.  Or so I thought at first.  I saw rows of boats, trucks and other equipment.  But as they began to come into focus, the bombs started raining down on us. 

The destruction was awful, bombs exploding everywhere, people running and screaming... and some fighting.  Most of the buildings were destroyed and the people were scattered or killed. 

After it had passed, I found many of my family members.  But when I asked about the missing, I was told with a stern sorrow that they did not make it.  Upon hearing that, a RAGE I have never felt before rose up within me, a righteous indignation, and a vow of WRATH to destroy this destroyer.

(That last moment of the dream may be literal or symbolic, or both.  For me, I wonder if it was a warning not to feel that anger through the end times, or if it was to help me understand the coming wrath against those who try to destroy God's children.  Not sure, might just simply be literally how I would feel.)

That was the first dream.

The second was an epic, all night and all morning, dream about re-education camps, work camps and martial law.  In the dream, we seemed to be there for months at least, maybe close to a year.  It's too long to add here.  I'll post it next.  If I can't get to it tonight, I'll post it tomorrow.

God bless you and yours!