Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prophecy - End Time Vision #2

My second vision concerning the end of the age happened about the same time, maybe a month or so after the first.

I was standing in a grassy beautiful field or yard.  And suddenly I saw a huge flash in one direction.  I turned that way to look and saw a cloud of fire/smoke rising over the horizon.

And just as I was reconciling that, a second flash appeared from another direction.  And as I turned to look that way, a third flash... and another....

In all, there was 4-5 massive explosions that encircled me.  They were very far away, but they were so huge that I could see the fire and smoke rising on the horizon in every direction.

Just then, I felt a very slight "wind" hit me... but it wasn't really wind, more like an energy wave or something... very, very slight though.  It didn't blow me down or anything.  It was such a light force or wind that I might not have even notice it hit me if I had been doing something.

At first, I believed these must have been nuclear bombs detonated in major cities simultaneously, sort of like the Islamic Terrorists hit several places on 9-11.  But I just saw a video of a lady on youtube who had a similar vision this week.  She said she saw stars falling toward earth, like meteors rain down and hit several places just moments apart.

I don't know If we were both seeing different perspectives of the same event or not.  I'm not sure what caused the explosions that I saw.  I was never shown that.  I just know that there will be at least 4-5 major explosions at practically the same time... big enough to wipe out entire cities.

I looked up possible sites on the map, and think it could have been Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis... something like that around my perimeter.  Not sure though, that is just a guess... I was never shown exactly what cities were hit.

Just thought I should share what I have seen.

Anyone else seeing anything similar?  Or seeing anything related to the end of this age? 

Prophecy - End Time Vision #1

About 13 years ago, I began having visions and dreams about the End of the Age.

I never even considered that I would live to see the end of anything... in fact, I wasn't even sure there was an end to anything.

Regardless, one day about 13 years ago, I was alone in my home praying when I heard this noise like static electricity or blowing wind over leaves or something.

From that point on, I began receiving "downloads" of information concerning the end of the age. 

The first vision was just my family and I walking together outside in the yard at my new home, and suddenly we saw a huge flash of light.  I was wondering if it was a nuclear bomb, or a meteor or something... when just then, we all heard a telepathic command that told us to look up.

Simultaneously, we all raised our heads at exactly the same time.  And I saw the sky completely change right in front of my eyes.  It was like computer generation.  The entire sky peeled back to reveal an expanse that I had never seen.

I can't remember now what the scene of the new sky looked like, but I remember our reactions.  We were all so so excited.  My brother fell to his knees in tears.  I said, "I knew it was all true!  There He is!"  (Speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ)

Then I wondered if the same thing was going on everywhere... particularly back inside the house, because my child and other family members were in there and I wanted to be sure they weren't missing this.  I think I wanted to be sure they were "coming with us"... whatever that means.  I think it may have been a rapture moment or something.

Love to hear what you think!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out-of-Body Experience - the White Light

(Ok, the first part of this experience, when I saw part of Hell, was in the prior post, but I'll pick up here when I encountered the White Light)

As I collapsed, a million thoughts went through my head in a millisecond.  My thoughts had to struggle to become coherent amongst the horrific chatter of evil and chaos that was swamping my mind from the hellish universal consciousness.

I was not a religious person at the time and my family didn't go to church or anything.  But I suddenly remembered something I had heard when a neighbor took me to vacation Bible school when I was a little kid... something about a SAVIOR.

Then I remembered this annoying little jingle that my Dad used to sing when he strolled into my room with his coffee cup to wake me up for school; something about, "Rise and shine... blah, blah, blah... Jesus will help me on my way."

AH-HA!  This is what they were all talking about!  Religion or no religion... church or no church... at this moment in my reality I was certain that what I needed was a SAVIOR!

So I screamed out, "JESUS, PLEASE SAVE ME!"

In less than a millisecond, there was no time at all between my calling Him and His response, it was like it happened at exactly the same time.  This thick beam of White Light instantly shot from above splitting the darkness like an open door and engulfing me.

I cannot even begin to explain the euphoric feeling, but I can tell you I am crying even now as I remember it.  It was beautiful ecstasy... a billion times better than your best orgasm... safer and warmer than the comfort of your mother's womb.  It was HEAVEN!

I was still the same person and had all my same memories, but I was opened up or awakened to an endless knowledge of other things as well.  Everything made perfect sense when I was in the Light.

I was not transformed into some other being as some might envision the afterlife, but rather I was instantly awakened to a higher awareness.  I felt no sorrow, although I understood I had left that lifetime and family.   I felt no sadness or fear... no negative emotions existed in His Light.

I felt so alive in His presence, like electromagnetic energy was pouring out of every atom in my body.  His energy was literally causing a nuclear reaction in every cell of my body simultaneously.  Every nucleus was emitting Life an Light as if I was composed of billions of solar systems... I felt like a god in His presence!

I wanted to stay there in His Light forever, but the Lord telepathically spoke a command to me.  It was not like His thoughts overruled mine, but more like His thoughts and my thoughts were one in the same.  We literally shared a mind at that moment.  And we basically agreed that I had to go back.

At that time, the dark being wearing the face of my family member grabbed my arm, and I turned from the White Light to see.

Everything vanished the instant I turned, and I was back in my body, back in my home, back in my room.

Here's my website, which contains many things I learned:

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Out of Body Experience - Vision of Hell

I was 17 when I had my first out-of-body experience, or "vision" or astral projection or whatever.

I was pulled out of my body, up through my head, by some unseen force... like a magnet pulls metal to itself.

I was drawn to a very dark place.  I immediately felt filthy, ashamed and so so lonely.  I was somehow mentally linked to everyone else there, so I felt everything they were feeling also, like a universal consciousness... but it was hellish.  It was continual pain, terror, anger, sorrow, hatred, perversion like desires to eat flesh, rape, etc... 

It was unbearable.  I felt like I was dying... or rather, that I wished I could die to escape the pain (mental and physical).  Unspeakable horror. 

When people make jokes about wanting to go to Hell because it's such a party of sinful pleasures, they have NO IDEA what the word Hell actually means.

Anyway, we were all of one spirit there, or one consciousness.  So the torment and perversion was simultaneously coming both FROM us all and TO us all... hard to explain... unbearable and unceasing.

Every emotion and thought was negative:  Endless driving hatred, anger, abuse toward everyone and everything.  When others hurt, I would writhe in pain, so we all agonized together continually, lashing out at one another to release the wave we had received in a futile attempt at some semblance of relief.

Again, indescribable; I'm just not doing it justice with my weak descriptions and limited vocabulary.  But I can tell you that LOVE did not exist in this place... it was utterly HOPELESS... and apparently ETERNAL because I was aware that time did not exist.

I began screaming and crying as I looked around.  There were beings all around me, but their skin was completely black, like they were covered in spandex or something, even their faces. None had hair.  They were just blank forms. Although they seemed to have no faces, some were wearing animated human faces like masks.  One was wearing the face of someone in my family... oh, the unimaginable fear and despair!

There were also hooded "elders" or something in the distance that kept chanting and moving slowly around this glowing orange-red pyramid.  The pyramid did not stand on it's broad base, but was UPSIDE-DOWN, and stood on it's point... well, levitated and continually rotated slowly clockwise.

The INTENSE color of the orange-red glow was again like no color I have seen on earth.  (And the hooded entities did not wear black, but more like brown burlap-looking hooded robes.  I could never see their faces, even when I walked closer to them seeking light from the pyramid.)

I suddenly understood the concept of God, and realized I was seperated from Him... by MY own choice!  My weeping was uncontrollable.  I couldn't catch my breath as I accepted the total absence of Love and relief (salvation) in this abyss.  The heartbreak was far worse than losing a child, spouse or parent in this life... utter despair.

I assure you that you cannot even fathom the amount of suffering, sorrow and perversion that filled the souls trapped in this anti-Love/antichrist spirit.

Then I looked down at my arms and realized that I too was wrapped in the darkness, covered like spandex.  I just collapsed onto the ground... AND JUST THEN... I realized the "ground" was not ground at all.  It was just piles and piles of these black bodies as far as I could see.  They were just barely moving like an ocean of snakes.

I had been standing on this hellish holocaust pit the whole time... and now I was just another hopeless MOANING body on the pile.  Hell... it was Hell.

(After seeing all of this, I did have a brief encounter with the White Light.  I'll post that part of my experience in the next post, to keep this post from getting way too long.)

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Alien Abductions

Surprising find in Alien Abduction statistics, in relation to the Christian population:

Two MUFON researchers recently discovered that less than 1% of the abductees reported being Christian, and of that tiny minority, hundreds reported a startling ability to stop the alien intrusion by envoking the name of Jesus the Christ.

Odd, huh?  This could be a breakthrough piece of evidence toward discerning the identity of these mysterious beings.

I mean, why would seperately evolved outerspace creatures have any response at all to the name of Jesus the Christ?

I believe this gives further credence to my thesis that these entities are not products of evolution from other planets at all.  They are simply the same cunning interdimensional beings spoken of in the Bible and other ancient accounts of human history from cultures all around the world.  They are the Nephilim, the Jinn, the fallen angels and their CREATED humanoid genetic hybrids. (Genesis 6)

What do you think?

Here's a link that will take you to the accounts of hundreds of these alien encounters.  I hope you check some of these out and just think about the implications.

Some are youtube videos, some are radio interviews and some written accounts.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cymatics - Sound moves matter - Sonic Frequencies - DID GOD'S "WORD" REALLY CREATE THIS WORLD?

We all know that an opera singer can shatter a glass, so we know that invisible sound waves can effect matter.

And here are some videos of sound waves actually changing the form/shape of matter: The science is called Cymatics.​=GtiSCBXbHAg​=3zoTKXXNQIU&feature=related

So clearly, we know for a fact that sound frequencies move and change matter... so why do unbelievers find it so hard to believe the Bible's account that God created the worlds with HIS WORD?

That makes perfect scientific sense!  It is highly possible that a higher life form, an interdimensional being beyond our comprehension was capable of forming and manipulating the elements with sonic frequencies.

The more we learn and awaken, we can see that the Bible and ancient texts are scientific... we were just too uneducated to see it before.  The dumbed-down mainstream pseudo-scientists just labeled the texts "mythology" because they were too narrow minded to understand them.

What do you think?