Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Prophetic Dream? End Times - Election Riots

I had another strange dream a couple days ago.  Could be prophetic, maybe... maybe not.  I'll post comments on this post a couple weeks after the election to let you know if this really happened in my neighborhood.

Anyway, short dream.  I was looking out my front window, sorta stealthy, like bending around as not to be seen.

I live in a fairly large city.  Outside of my house, there were black people going up and down the street yelling and throwing things... breaking into some houses and taking things.  They were vandalizing vehicles and homes and running and screaming.

I stayed inside, because they were getting into violent scuffles with people on the street, and I have a small baby whom I feared for.  The police showed up and it was chaotic all up and down the street.

The police began going door to door, and I refused to answer the door.  I said to Tommy, "Don't answer it... I'm glad you didn't put that Romney bumper sticker on your truck."

And I woke up... that was the whole dream.  I think it must have something to do with riots after the election, or before, or something.  Don't know, just thought I'd share what I saw.

God bless you and yours!  Catch ya on the flip side.


  1. Well, the election is over and we didn't have any riots, because Obama won. Instaed, we had screaming and yelling and huge firework displays at midnight celebrating the Socialist victory. Exactly like when the Communist Fidel Castro took over Cuba. That was the scene here.

    As for the vision, the lection part wasn't part of the actual vision at all, but just a guess at the interpretation. I still believe the looting and violence will happen, but probably in the midst of the economic collapse. We'll see.

  2. I just realized all of the different possibilities that this may have been a glimpse of. I guess I assumed it was attached to the election time because that was the time I had the dream. But maybe the people in the streets were yelling at the cops and rising up because the police were going door to door for gun confiscation or something.

    That would explain why I was so against opening the door to the police in the dream. If they were there to help stop riots in the neighborhood, I would have welcomed their help... but in the dream, I did not. I told him NOT to answer the door, but to hide.

    So that implies the police were our enemies at that point. So the people yelling in the streets may have been the good guys, standing up to the police. MAYBE THIS WAS A VISION OF THE beginning of the COMING POLICE STATE / MARTIAL LAW.

    And maybe I mentioned the bumper sticker because i didn't want to be identified as a conservative or a Christian... because those are the very categories that this Communist Obama regime, namely Janet Napolitano from DHS, listed as "potential domestic terrorists" in the memo to the police departments.

    I know it sounds unbvelievable, but it is a FACT. This administration issued a national list of potential domestic threats, and it was loaded with conservative movements like evangelical Christians who believe in End Time prophecies, Abortion protesters, veterans, etc... ALL BASICALLY "DISSENTING VOICES" THAT THE REGIME WANTS SILENCED.

    This administration literally listed Americans that disagree with them politically as "right wing radicals" and "potential terrorists."

    SOUNDS EERILY SIMILAR TO THE PROGRESSION OF NAZI GERMANY AND COMMUNIST RUSSIA. They started out just harrassing and intimidating the dissenters when they came to power, and eventually ended up rounding them up in prison camps... then killing millions and millions of people that disagreed with their regime. Well, this Leftist regime already issued the memo identifying the "enemies of the state" and I fit several of the criteria, as do my family and loved ones.

    See the link below to view the Obama enemy list issued by Department of Homeland Security / janet napolitano. It's not a joke and i think my vision was of the beginning of the police state.