Thursday, October 10, 2013


There are some major coastal catastrophes coming.  Mega Earthquake on West Coast w/ tsunami... GET OUT OF CALIFORNIA.  Above is a very good synopsis of scientific evidence and Bible prophecy. 

(Comet ISON may be the cause of the coming "EVENT.")  Prophets are seeing tsunamis hit the East Coast, and even the South coast of USA. (Acts 2:17, Joel 2) And the Bible says that something will remove the earth from it's gravitational orbit, "from its moorings and cause it to wobble like a drunkard." (Isaiah 24)  This would make sense in conjunction with waves/tsunamis roaring along every coastline of this planet.

Below is a playlist of short videos... people all around the globe who don't know each other, yet all claim that the Lord Jesus Christ has given them prophetic glimpses through dreams and visions.  All of these point to a California Megaquake and tsunami coming soon.

I'm certainly NOT setting dates or guessing dates, like some have done in their videos below.  But I can feel in my Spirit that the "EVENT" is coming very soon now. Maybe as soon as the next 6 months. Please be advised/warned... and PRAY to God in the Name of Jesus Christ (Yeshua ha Maschiac) for guidance and further information.  Here is the information we have:

Dreams and Visions from God of the coming California Mega Earthquake and tsunami: Youtube video playlist below:

God bless you and yours - JC


  1. I had a dream: I was afar watching the corporate having a meeting...I asked my co-worker what was going on & she said they are getting together 2 plaques to put on the wall because God is coming...My co worker & I said on one of those plaques they need to put in God we trust...I seen children marching around preparing for battle... today is November 10, 2013...

    Someone else had a dream simular but with words...He dreamed he seen a map of the USA...they were singing a song...They call themselves a christian nation, but their hearts are bent on war. They kill their own brothers, all in the name of God...Only a remnant will be left standing...Those who hate the wickedness in that wicked land...

    God told him in his dream I am coming against this wicked nation only a remnant will be left...He then saw a vision & USA was now the size of Italy...God in his dream said I am shutting down the grid...Read Ezekiel 9:4...
    & just last week my coworker was talking about Ezekiel bread...Hmmm?
    The army of children in my dream preparing for some kind of battle & the corporate preparing 2 plaques to put on the wall because God is coming soon...possibly the corporate we were observing was the USA...& the children preparing for battle...This is the 2nd dream I had that God is coming soon...

  2. I just had my first tsunami dream in wichita ks it hit for some reason I was able to fight the giant wave and able to make it to safety I know that is impossible cause the force of the impact would have swept me away as well crush my bones but after It hit everything returned to normal

  3. O. July 29th, 2013, I had a dream while in Tennessee. In it, there were 3 parts. The first part was 10 seconds long, it came to pass. The second part was 10 seconds as well, it also came to pass. The 3rd part was the tsunami. It is coming as sure as I am sitting here.

    The 3rd part was that I was standing in south-central Texas, a little toward the western side. I was looking to the west, a tsunami was rumbling at me. It was at least a mile high. Instinctively I knew, as the tsunami overtook me, that California had disappeared under the ocean... and the tsunami would end just after crossing the Mississippi river. All the northern states of Mexico and the southern states of the USA will be destroyed.

    Now for the kicker... after I got the news that my dad was murdered in Tennessee, I left Mexico for the funeral. Then, I went to Texas, to decide whether I should work or go back to Mexico.

    I decided to work, and ended up in the exact same area where I saw the tsunami.

    Kicker #2: On Sunday, a man in a wheelchair was telling that he'd just had a dream that there was lots of water, a wave, nobody would survive. He said, when I asked about it, that it was a dream.

    I told him... "But don't worry. God is in control. We'll be out of here by the time that happens, if you're one of God's Elect. The nominal, denominational Christians will still be here for that. But... you will be out of here, don't worry, God is kind and gracious to show us what lies ahead, revealing the Pope to be the Antichrist, the Muslim attacks on the USA that will kill millions in an hour, just keep your eyes on Jesus. Don't worry."

    Likewise... to you all... don't worry. It's over, and the Millennium is just about to begin for the Bride of Christ.