Tuesday, November 27, 2018

SHOCKING SECRETS of Antarctica - TRUTH is Stranger than Fiction - Enoch,...

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  1. Hey sister. Thank you for the amazing work you do. You blew me away the other day when I watched the LED light video, the 5G video and the one concerning the petrified giants above. I've been looking for the truth for a long time, and now I'm incredibly glad the Lord led me to your content.

    Anyway, I'm contacting you because the Lord gave me a vision for the church as a whole, but this particular message is for those who--like you-- know and actively seek the deeper things of God. So I put it in video format and have been sharing it with as many strong believers as I could remember.



    Anyway, I hope it blesses and edifies you even if you're already fully aware of the topics discussed therein.

    Thanks again for letting yourself be used powerfully by the Lord.

    Love and blessings in Yahusha/Jesus
    Oved Ben Levi