Sunday, January 27, 2019

THE BLACK AWAKENING - Super Soldiers, Forbidden History, "Rosemary's Bab...


  1. Great stuff, I have been reading and watching for weeks. Mostly I agree with you, most of the the time you have been spot on. We all can’t be perfect. Rob Skiba has some good insights on the mephitic and the 200 million person army. I have noticed you rely on dreams a lot. That’s fine according to prophecy dreams and visions will occur. I generally avoid dreams unless they come true. The dream needs to have a previous dream that came true, right out of the Torah. So far you, Rob Skiba, and Dr Pidgeon have fueled my awakening, even though yaw only agree on a few items. I am agree with you nobody can get it all right, but the spirit is leading you, and it helps others like me to think and add more understanding to what the spirit is leading me to understand. Thank you and Yah Bless you.

  2. Would You Be Interested In An Interview With The Man Of Sin?

  3. Took a while before I found your blog. Thank you for the massive work you do. Kindest regards from the Netherlands.

  4. Hi there,

    Just wanted to thank you for your outstanding posts! I had a dream about September 2018. The dream was about me walking in a alley way towards a restaurant where the people were sitting outside. I have never been there before, it seemed European, the setting. The next moment I saw two men dressed in black. They had black helmets on but I could see their teeth. They horrible...razor sharp teeth all over their mouths. They were looking for me and immediatly started to run after me. I was hiding in a gut ter from them. I ran into my home and my one room's wall was full of watches and clocks...I mean there was no space for anything on the wall. Then I woke up. Immmediatly the Lord said to me "watch and pray"...get it...the watches. I believe the watches also mean "it is time". A few days after that I saw a picture of a movie that would soon be coming out, which already has...Venom. That was exactly what the soldiers in my dream looked like. I have never seen it before. Later I saw the same horrible men in a game called Fortnite. Something that caught my attention was that on the night of the Lord's crucifixion when He was praying in the garden, He told the disciples the same thing, "watch and pray", just before the soldier with Judas came to capture Him. Coincidence? I think not.
    Bless you and keep up the good work...great is your reward.

    1. By the way, I am from South Africa, so there is nothing around here that would have influenced me to dream something like that. Also this was long before I saw your post. Just saying.