Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another End Time Dream - EMP, power outages, UFO invasion, chaos

The first dream in April:

I'm an IT professional and in the dream I was at the office and went for my
usual leg stretch and walk through the hallway like I've been doing for a
while now. In the dream I was listening to something on my iPod (something
that I Don't usually do at work). I was heading back down the hallway to
enter the access door to my office when all of a sudden my iPod started
gaping out, the device muted 2 or 3 times as if the battery was
dying...and before I could swipe my proximity card, my iPod powered down
and the lights turned off throughout the building.

When the power fails, the magnetic locks disable, which allowed me to
access the protected door to my office. I looked around at everyone in the
office and quickly proceeded to my desk by the window and looked outside.
(I'm on the top floor of 5 floors, facing south east. I looked out at the
intersection below and the traffic lights were out and all vehicles looked
to be stalled...I say they looked stalled because some of the cars and
trucks were slightly turned on angles in their respective lanes and other
vehicles wound up on the sidewalks and medians as if the vehicles had lost
power steering control. The drivers and passengers of these vehicles all
got out and wandered around their vehicles trying to figure out what had

I had a sinking feeling that what I had witnessed in the dream was an
EMP...from what?? I'm not sure. Dream Ends

The second dream I had last week was quite similar to the "Full Scale
Aerial Invasion".

It was a dark night...possibly a New Moon phase and for some reason I went
outside to look at the stars. Normally here in my Burlington ON
neighborhood..there are street lights on, but not this night...I think
that's why I went out to look at the stars, they were brilliant!! Kind of
like viewing stars up in the north where there's no light pollution and you
can actually see satellites fly by.

As I watched the stars..I noticed brighter types of stars that were
peppered all across the sky. They were unusual...they didn't look like
stars that would be many light years away, they were more or less holding a
pattern and were so high up in the sky it was hard to tell if these "Stars"
were orbiting in our atmosphere or just outside of the atmosphere.

I watched in amazement as the lights moved slowly in the sky when all of a
sudden each "Star/Light"started ejecting what looked like flares and as I
scanned other parts of the sky I realized that there were way many more of
these Stars/Lights than I had originally noticed all ejecting flares...but
they were not flares...they flew though the air with purpose and started
maneuvering toward the planet. Some of the stars ejected a minimum of 5-6
and some up to 12 or more separate Flares/Vehicles or maybe even spaceships
if you will..it was then that I called these things "Aircraft Carriers"
There were hundreds...possibly even thousands of these smaller craft flying
around. I was not afraid, but it was a sight to see...I was almost

Dream Ends.

May the Peace of God, the Father of Our Lord Jesus be with you all.

This series of prophetic dreams was given to a Brother in Christ, these are not my personal experiences.  But I do believe at some point, humanity will see the "alien" races return.  But they are not what we have been propagandized to believe.  They are not from outer space, they are not our "saviors" coming to "save" the planet as the New Age occultists teach, they are not our "creators" who seeded us on Earth as TV shows like Ancient Aliens teaches... they are the demon-human hybrids spoken of in Genesis 6 and throughout the Bible. 

These humanoid demon spawn are the armies of Antichrist.  Their contamination of the human gene pool is the "original sin" that corrupted us all.  They are interdimensional like all demons, not from outer space.  Wake up.  They are powerful, deceptive and diabolical.  Do not be deceived.  They are not our saviors and creators... that's the Antichrist deception that the Holy Scriptures has been warning us about since the beginning of this timeline.

God bless and remember: The only One who can SAVE us from what is coming upon the Earth is an entity that is even more powerful than these fallen gods... THE MOST HIGH GOD... His name in English is Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach Ha Adonai in the language of the original human race/Hebrews/Adamites).

Anyway, if you want to be saved from the wrath to come as these entities turn this world into Hell and try to enslave humankind, just pary to the Most High Holy Spirit.  Here is a link to a quick easy salvation prayer on my website:


Love you all!

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