Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alien-Like Skulls Found at 1,000 Year Old Cemetery

Whether you can wrap your mind around it or not, the historical account of Genesis ^ from the Bible is true.  These humanoid hybrids did live on earth in Ancient times. And we still see the remnant of their demonic civilizations today, although now we call them "aliens" instead of Demons.

Below is a great article about the most recent archeological find proving these beings existed. This discovery was a cemetary of the hybrid beings, all with elongated skulls.

(And for those brainwashed by the public education system ((re-education camps/public indoctrination)), the skulls were NOT produced by head binding. The skulls themselves scientifically disprove that propaganda. The skulls' suture lines and cranium sections are not the same as human skulls. Lots more evidence, google LA Marzulli : Watchers 6)

Great article! Must read, link below:


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