Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Quantum Leap RAPTURE - The Event Horizon - Falling Stars and RISING ...


  1. Im bet you already have, but i thought i would ask. Did you see the video showing what looks like it was in a room at the pentagon.Maybe soon after or before 9/11 Someone kinda like a Bill Gates type was putting on a projector presentation; showing images of two separate brain scans. One was a radical Religous (This was his words not mine) capable of blowing up somewhere. The other was the image of a "sane" normal person. (Might not be exact wording) he said they had found the problem and have the treatment. Oh i remembered....i made a memo here is what i saved "Religious fanatical have an over expression of the B- vat 2 or he called it a B-Mat2 Bvac2 gene...(.couldn't understand him)
    once vaccinated that would control that gene."
    I find it horrifying. Talking about these young people not having much a chance....what if they just put it in chem trails. I hate the evil of these left liberals. Im sorry that happened to you. When ever they start rounding us up for the guilotines, im going to say hey wait i want to ride on your bus.
    Love you Sweet Wise Sister

  2. I think that if more Believers approached these matters more like you do, there would be more believers. I've been a Christian my whole life, and nearly walked away for what seems like the most glib of reasons. I got sick of the lunacy. Every other person and their dog are having dreams. Most of them are crazy. I don't know where you live or why you're being persecuted for being a Christian. I'm from Oregon and almost everybody there is a Christian. It's everywhere. I live in central California, and I don't have a lot of trouble with it here either. It's kind of accepted like it always has been.

    My guess is that your ex-husband out of vindictiveness wanted to go after you anyway he could to hurt you. The accusations sound more like just some way to get back at you. I'm sorry that happened. It must be horrible for you.

    In any event, Sans the dreams, there needs to be more like you. You were able to answer a question that I have carried my whole life in this video. Literally, I could not understand why it didn't plague other believers like it plagued me. I wanted to know why, if God was so merciful and he just cared so much that knowing this was going on and getting worse with the child trafficking and everything else that he would "tarry". Not to mention all the people that came before Jesus that never had an opportunity to even hear his name. It didn't make any sense to me.

    In listening to to this video, I can see that we are talking about a natural phenomena that we as Believers call the rapture. That it's something that occurs in creation. Maybe only once. It appears to be only once, but that could be wrong. It also explains why they're working so hard to hide our history. The Rocks really were alive at one time. You're right! The tartarian View along with a number of other cultures that have been literally written out of our books and our awareness is also true. There is no understanding of any of this! And that is probably because we're coming up on that time that we call the rapture. The less you know, the less likely you're going to be included because you won't know who you are.

    When I was carrying my son, the doctors gave me a due date. All mothers look forward to that particular day. But you know? When the time comes? You know it's close. You can barely stand being pregnant anymore. You don't feel very good. After a while, you just want it over. It stops being fun and you're just done. But even then, when the baby comes? I don't know how many mothers actually make their due date. Mine was two days late. My sister had two children both the same due date as mine. All three babies had the same due date. Not one of them made it. Maybe that's how the Rapture is. You know it's close. And you're so over everything that you've lived with now. You just want it over. But you don't know exactly when. You just know you're so done.

    That's how things feel now. My whole life, we've looked forward to when that day would come. Just like you do in most of a pregnancy. Only now, most of us are just so done. I don't want to do anymore. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Just get it done.