Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you believe in God? Why is God invisible? Atheists...

Athiests have been duped into thinking they are taking the scientific high ground. When actually, atheism is the least scientific theory. Science, by definition, means taking ALL data into consideration to form a hypothesis and/or conclusion.

Yet Atheists choose to form a conclusion first, then just discount or "disbelieve" all data that contradicts and disproves their theory.

For example, they simply disregard ALL of the records left by our human ancestors. Rather than forming their worldview by including all known data, they just toss out the records left by every single ethnicity and civilization who inhabited this spinning rock before us.

Furthermore, they refuse to accept the fact that Physicists have discovered other "realms" already.

Science has proven that there most certainly are more than 3 dimensions. This uni-verse is a multi-dimensional biosphere... much of which is invisible to humans. On an atomic level, science discovered long ago that invisible matter most certainly does exist. For instance, gasses. I can't see oxygen, but I know it exists and I need it to survive.

Our environment simply is not limited to those things perceived by the limited 5 senses of the human animal. In fact, bats can see the infrared spectrum, making things invisible to humans completely visible to them. And dogs can hear frequencies that are completely inaudible to humans.

So it is very UN-scientific to say that just because humans cannot perceive certain things, that they do not exist.

Do atheists believe in Cell Phones? Wireless Internet? Just one generation back it would have been considered science fiction to say that INVISIBLE waves could carry pictures, words, and all sorts of information through the air without cords. How many atheists can SEE all of the invisible pictures and words traveling through the air daily? Yet they are there, all around us.

All I'm saying, is that if you are an atheist, please stop pulling the "scientific" card on those of us who believe in higher dimensions/religion/spiritual realms. That is just laughable.

Atheists are not scientific, they are short-sighted and narrow-minded, having a very very narrow worldview.

And when SCIENCE catches up with REALITY, and unravels more of the truth, Atheists are going to realize how silly and arrogant their perspective has been.

Please don't let the Secular propaganda machine and socialist "public education" dumb you down and keep you from grasping higher intelligence.

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