Friday, November 13, 2009

Health Care Reform - Obama - nomics

I am so frustrated with the incompetent clowns in our government screwing up the entire system of free enterprise by trying to "fix" everything. How can they force insurance companies to insure pre-existing conditions. That's an oxymoron (heavy on the moron). Should car insurance companies be expected to do the same? If I wreck my car today, can I go get "insurance" tomorrow and make them buy me a new car. That is ABSURD! No company could stay in business if they practice ridiculous policies like that. In fact, that isn't even "insurance" by definition... that's welfare.

I know there are tragedies in life, and that is so sad. I myself am uninsured and have had to swallow some huge bills, and work extra hard to get caught up. But Obamanomics just keeps presenting these ludicrous "solutions" that play on our sympathies rather than making any logical sense at all.

Well, of course, they do make perfect sense if you want to kill the free market and turn our country into a Communist nation where the State runs everything.

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