Friday, November 13, 2009

End Times 2012

Do you believe we are living at the end of an age? Are we the generation who will live through the End Times and enter the New Age?

I do believe that the End of the Age is upon us, and I will live to see the collapse and paradigm shift to the New Age. But I'm not convinced that it will be in 2012. What do you think?


  1. What I'm suprised of is the fact that no one has posted a comment to this question yet and that I am the first!
    What? Are people NOT concerned about what is going to happen in/after 2012? Is this because of the sad state of affairs that the world conscioussness is presently in? Everyone a little too self absorbed in thier own worries of Life?
    There are many people who do think about these matters and even the Mass-Media conglomeration of evil Propaganda is cashing in by Programming the subject matters of Para-normal,Religious End Time,anti-christ.U.F.O.,Big-foot, Prophecy 2012 Type of "documentaries", into thier Networks.
    I believe they are doing this intentionally to mask the Truth about Our Lord and Savior Christ Yeshua's imminent Return and also in order to further confuse Mankind as to the Only Real Direction of Hope and the name of Him is Yahweh.
    This is why We are constantly presented many sides to the different "Beliefs" and arguments as to what all of these Signs mean. Satan wants Mankind distracted in petty Bickerings,Gossiping, affirmations,discourses and resolutions, all in order to delay the deliverance or manifestation of the Truth into the Minds of Us All.
    The Truth is Out There,They know a good portion of it and are keeping it away from Us by disguising it as anything BUT what it is... the Truth.
    Nobody knows the hour but What We do know is that We who believe are to Work for our Father by spreading the Good News of Salvation to All Who Will Listen and Recieve it and also to become as Yeshua was. We follow him like He asked ( Told ) Us to.
    So in short,No,I dont think 2012 is the end but I do believe this Cosmic Alignment will be accompanied with higher vibrating frequencies which will awaken a large portion of Humanity to Reality,Hence,the "New Age" but alot of people will misinterpret this and follow the wrong gods instead of Our One True God Yahweh.

  2. Hi Calvin! 2034? What brings you to that date?

  3. @Anonymous... I know, it is really sad that such a huge percentage of the population is completely oblivious. I guess this blog is my weak attempt at waking someone up. God bless!

  4. I gathered all the predicted dates I could find from different cultures and took the mathematical mean. LOL. It's a weak system of prediction. But, I couldn't think of any other way. God Bless.