Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union

Could really use some of that Global Warming that the libs have been promising. Another freezing day, covered in snow, here in Illinois. We've had weeks of double-digit-BELOW-ZERO temps this month.

The State of the Union address was last night. As we sat in our cave huddled up, waiting for the green house gases to warm us up, we again heard the typical Obama speech. That arrogant narcissism... that speech that is all about Obama and his career. We were hoping to talk about the Union, the people of this nation... but as always, he gave his CAMPAIGN speech.

I understand that he has spent his entire career, the majority of his time in all of his few offices out campaigning for the next office he wanted. But someone really needs to tell him that "public service" and political office are about more than his career. The President needs to GOVERN and stop campaigning for just a minute.

He gave over 400 speeches last year, and over 150 interviews. Come on... stay home and read a bill once in a while.

He clearly concentrates more heavily on being a propaganda machine than listening to the citizens. Polls show that 62% of Americans believe he is taking the country in the wrong direction... and they showed that yet again when the DEM state of Massachusetts voted in a Republican Scott Brown in a last-ditch effort to stop the Obama agenda from passing.

YET, Obama spent the entire State of the Union address telling America that he doesn't care what the citizens want. He repeatedly instructed Congress not to be shaken in their resolve, and to continue passing his reform agendas.

Sad, sad days. The State of the Union is shakey at best... and at worst, we are in the midst of a Socialist Coup.


  1. Hi there

    I bought your book Mysteries of the Universe last year and really enjoyed it. Please can you tell us when the 2nd volume will be published?



  2. Thanks so much! I wish I had time to edit it, because I've learned so much since I wrote it, and would make some changes.

    As for volume 2, it has been 90% done for years, but I'm presently unsure when or if it will come out. So much happened after the first one was published... helicopters flying over my parents home, neighbors reporting white vans searching my home while I was gone... wierd stuff.

    But hopefully, it will come out in the next year or so... there is some very intense stuff in it!

    Thanks again for your interest! God bless!