Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cymatics - Sound moves matter - Sonic Frequencies - DID GOD'S "WORD" REALLY CREATE THIS WORLD?

We all know that an opera singer can shatter a glass, so we know that invisible sound waves can effect matter.

And here are some videos of sound waves actually changing the form/shape of matter: The science is called Cymatics.​=GtiSCBXbHAg​=3zoTKXXNQIU&feature=related

So clearly, we know for a fact that sound frequencies move and change matter... so why do unbelievers find it so hard to believe the Bible's account that God created the worlds with HIS WORD?

That makes perfect scientific sense!  It is highly possible that a higher life form, an interdimensional being beyond our comprehension was capable of forming and manipulating the elements with sonic frequencies.

The more we learn and awaken, we can see that the Bible and ancient texts are scientific... we were just too uneducated to see it before.  The dumbed-down mainstream pseudo-scientists just labeled the texts "mythology" because they were too narrow minded to understand them.

What do you think?


  1. Even further, the Ancient Scriptures say that Jesus Christ was the WORD made flesh as a visible representation/example.

    And as for the mainstream pseudo-scientists not incorporating the accounts left by our ancestors because they are too narrow minded... the same applies to their decision to deny the genetic hybrids recorded on ancient earth... yet now we know that even humans can make genetic hybrids.

  2. Moreover, if sound can change and move matter (which is 100% proven), then wouldn't that mean that frequency healing is indeed possible?

    So we know that sonic technologies can be used for medicine, yet the scientific community refuses to learn or research them because they are in the pocket of big pharma.