Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prophecy - End Time Vision #2

My second vision concerning the end of the age happened about the same time, maybe a month or so after the first.

I was standing in a grassy beautiful field or yard.  And suddenly I saw a huge flash in one direction.  I turned that way to look and saw a cloud of fire/smoke rising over the horizon.

And just as I was reconciling that, a second flash appeared from another direction.  And as I turned to look that way, a third flash... and another....

In all, there was 4-5 massive explosions that encircled me.  They were very far away, but they were so huge that I could see the fire and smoke rising on the horizon in every direction.

Just then, I felt a very slight "wind" hit me... but it wasn't really wind, more like an energy wave or something... very, very slight though.  It didn't blow me down or anything.  It was such a light force or wind that I might not have even notice it hit me if I had been doing something.

At first, I believed these must have been nuclear bombs detonated in major cities simultaneously, sort of like the Islamic Terrorists hit several places on 9-11.  But I just saw a video of a lady on youtube who had a similar vision this week.  She said she saw stars falling toward earth, like meteors rain down and hit several places just moments apart.

I don't know If we were both seeing different perspectives of the same event or not.  I'm not sure what caused the explosions that I saw.  I was never shown that.  I just know that there will be at least 4-5 major explosions at practically the same time... big enough to wipe out entire cities.

I looked up possible sites on the map, and think it could have been Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis... something like that around my perimeter.  Not sure though, that is just a guess... I was never shown exactly what cities were hit.

Just thought I should share what I have seen.

Anyone else seeing anything similar?  Or seeing anything related to the end of this age? 


  1. Hi. Not sure if you know this or not, but the symbols your using for your site are occultic in nature. On the home page, that is not the cross of Christ and number 2, a half nude angel cannot be godly.

  2. Actually, there was nothing in my dream that indicated without a doubt that these were "nuclear bombs." I just assumed that because it's what I was wondering in the dream and it is all I could imagine that would cause such massive explosions. But in REALITY, these could have also been meteors or something similar. The meteor that just hit Russia this morning remoinded me of what I saw. A bright flash, like daylight, then the noise and shock wave wind. So, who know, the vision may have been a metero shower hitting Earth, but either way, it was devastating for humanity and changed everything forever. God bless!