Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out-of-Body Experience - the White Light

(Ok, the first part of this experience, when I saw part of Hell, was in the prior post, but I'll pick up here when I encountered the White Light)

As I collapsed, a million thoughts went through my head in a millisecond.  My thoughts had to struggle to become coherent amongst the horrific chatter of evil and chaos that was swamping my mind from the hellish universal consciousness.

I was not a religious person at the time and my family didn't go to church or anything.  But I suddenly remembered something I had heard when a neighbor took me to vacation Bible school when I was a little kid... something about a SAVIOR.

Then I remembered this annoying little jingle that my Dad used to sing when he strolled into my room with his coffee cup to wake me up for school; something about, "Rise and shine... blah, blah, blah... Jesus will help me on my way."

AH-HA!  This is what they were all talking about!  Religion or no religion... church or no church... at this moment in my reality I was certain that what I needed was a SAVIOR!

So I screamed out, "JESUS, PLEASE SAVE ME!"

In less than a millisecond, there was no time at all between my calling Him and His response, it was like it happened at exactly the same time.  This thick beam of White Light instantly shot from above splitting the darkness like an open door and engulfing me.

I cannot even begin to explain the euphoric feeling, but I can tell you I am crying even now as I remember it.  It was beautiful ecstasy... a billion times better than your best orgasm... safer and warmer than the comfort of your mother's womb.  It was HEAVEN!

I was still the same person and had all my same memories, but I was opened up or awakened to an endless knowledge of other things as well.  Everything made perfect sense when I was in the Light.

I was not transformed into some other being as some might envision the afterlife, but rather I was instantly awakened to a higher awareness.  I felt no sorrow, although I understood I had left that lifetime and family.   I felt no sadness or fear... no negative emotions existed in His Light.

I felt so alive in His presence, like electromagnetic energy was pouring out of every atom in my body.  His energy was literally causing a nuclear reaction in every cell of my body simultaneously.  Every nucleus was emitting Life an Light as if I was composed of billions of solar systems... I felt like a god in His presence!

I wanted to stay there in His Light forever, but the Lord telepathically spoke a command to me.  It was not like His thoughts overruled mine, but more like His thoughts and my thoughts were one in the same.  We literally shared a mind at that moment.  And we basically agreed that I had to go back.

At that time, the dark being wearing the face of my family member grabbed my arm, and I turned from the White Light to see.

Everything vanished the instant I turned, and I was back in my body, back in my home, back in my room.

Here's my website, which contains many things I learned:  www.XtremeRealityCheck.com

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